DONKEY ROCK FEST Meganisi 2011 ~ English Version


29 & 30 of July Meganisi Vathy

Donkey Rock Fest was initially held on Meganisi in 2010.The purpose of the festival is to provide a stage to upcoming bands and artists, to present their work to the public.The first effort was supported by the Municipality of Meganisi and was a great success.This year under the auspices of the municipality of Meganisi along with 10 amazing bands, Donkey Rock Fest is promising two special nights out of the ordinary.

The participants are.:

Friday 29th of July :

Kontomaniko Blues : Kontomaniko Blues were formed in the fall of 2008.Consisting of friends that make music in their free time on Nikolas Lyrics.They have a lot of very well worked songs and enough live shows this band of friends is opening the first day and the festival with their own unique way.

Members : Lagdas Vasilis – guitars
Kallis Nikos – bass guitar
Billis Stauros – drums
Botinas Nikolas – guitars, vocals
MrHighway : Mr Highway (Johny), worked on his songs for over two years.He finally managed to record enough and he ‘s ready to present them.His influences come from jazz, blues, 60’s & 70’s rock.He was number one in public votes to open Bon Jovi’s concert.

Members : Mr Highway(Johny) – guitar, harmonica
Gregory – vocals, percussion
Thimios – guitar
Dennis – bass
Alex – drums
Anna – synthesizer


Crazy Cow : Crazy Cow is a band since 2008.Their influences come from blues, punk, rockabilly.They already have a demo cd with 8 tracks and many live shows in their hometown Ioannina and not only there.Great energy, great songs and a voice screaming Lemmy.

Members : Andreas : Vocals/Bass/Harmonica
Giorgos : Drums
Kostas : guitars

Stihovoli : Stihovoli were formed in 2010 in Ioannina city.Their musical journey contains elements from the greek traditional music, greek folk music along with psychedelic blues – rock influences.Their song “I Volta”(The walk), won the 7th place in the Greek Song Guitar Competition 2009.

Members : Maria Manifava – Vocals
Kostas Basdanis – Vocals, Acoustic guitar
James Basdanis – Electric guitar
Christos Zindros – Saz, Oud, Traditional Percussion
Sami Hasme – Drums
Giannis Papandronis – Electric bass
Michalis Piperis – Accordion

V.I.C.(VillagersofIoanninaCity) : V.I.C. is a band from Ioannina that combines 70’s rock music with traditional greek music and psychedelic music. The result is a mix of the traditional sounds of Epirus, with the modern sound, with psychedelic improvisations, keeping the rock culture of the 70’s, and at the same time the “tense” of today. Finally , their music is an alloy of sounds of all over the world, filtrate through their own perspective, traveling from yesterday to today having as a destination the music of tomorrow…

Members : Alex – Guitars/Vox
Akis – Bass
Aris – Drums
Jiannis – Clarino


Saturday 30th of July :

Blodrod : A band from Agrinio city which consists of young boys.They were known as “Forget It” until recently.Melodic  alternative progressive metal with many influences from many bands of the genre and not only.

Members : Steve Tagios:lead guitar
Bill Sinapoglou:Drums percussion
Teo Goulas:Rythm guitar
Chris Nakas:Bass guitar

Level3Three : Level 3 Three consists of four boys from Orchomenos.Thei influences come from Rock, Garage, Alternative, greek and universal music scene.The front cover of their demo single, which was released in 2008, was also voted among the 8 best of Schoolwave Competition in 2008.They’re planning on recording their first cd shortly containing their own songs along with some covers.

Members : George Kontopoulos – Guitar & Vocals
Basile Kontopoulos – Guitar & Vocals
Alex – Panos Doumas – Bass Guitar
Panagiotis Moutsanas – Drums

White Raven : White Raven is a heavy metal band from Patras with many thrash, power, and progressive influences.They already have a demo cd in their assets and many live shows despite the fact they were formed just 2 years ago.

Members : Chris G. – Vocals
Panagiotis K. – Lead Guitars
Panagiotis G. – Rhythm Guitars
Jim G. – Bass Guitar
Rick N. – Drums
George G. – Keyboards


Black Mamba : Black Mamba is a three member band from the island of Chios, formed in 2006.An instrumental progressive fusion metal band, that need no voice.Recently they released their debut album called “Therapillusion” which received excellent critics from metal hammer 8/10, metal invader 4,5/5 and  85/100 metalholocaust.Unique music from an upcoming band that won’t be forgotten.

Members : Ignatios Stamatonikolos – Electric Bass
Kostas Aggelaras– Drums
Stamatis Frantzeskakis– Electric Guitar

Holy Oath : Holy Oath is a Melodic Heavy Metal band from Patras.They formed 6 years ago with many live shows in Patras and not only.In the last couple of years they’ve been working on their own tunes and they are producing their first cd named “Run To Reach The Sun”.Many elaborate songs from a really notable band.

Members : Petros Haritos – drums
Panagiotis Papasimakis – bass guitar
Christos Debegiotis – guitar
Thimios Spiliotopoulos – guitar
Christos Kalpouzanis – Vocals

Information :

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